My greek journey

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My greek journey

To start with, I would say that this is one of the most easily accessible destinations and the price for it is acceptable because Greece really does offer a lot.

2020 was the year of many challenges, including travelling. I’ve been thinking about visiting some new exciting destinations throughout the whole spring, but unfortunately nothing could be planned ahead.

Although I wanted to travel outside of Europe, I decided to focus more on European countries given the fact that that was easier to plan and visit. Greece was the country that caught my eye because I’ve never been there before plus it offers a variety of different islands located in the Aegean sea.

One morning in early July as I was sipping my first coffee of the day, I came across an incredible offer from Lauda Motion. They were offering an airplane ticket from Vienna to Athens for only 9.90 euros. I immediately bought 2 tickets because they were practically free. Greece was one of the few corona free countries, so to say, so I started planning our trip. We decided to stay in Greece for 10 days which helped a lot with my planning. Our flight was late in the afternoon so in the morning we spent a little time going around shops in Vienna. We left our car at Park Tiger like we always do (11 days= roughly 50 euros) and then we took the train (1.70 euros) to the terminal.


As first timers in Greece, we started our trip in Athens. The town centre is easily accessible with the underground so there is no need to spend a lot of money on Taxi. We stayed in Athens for 3 days, which I personally think is enough to go sightseeing and explore the city. Our accommodation was a 10 minute walk from Monastiraki square.

The next day we visited Acropolis (20 euros per person), Parthenon, Syntagma square, Plaka and the Temple of Zeus. You won’t have any trouble walking because everything is really close to one another.

In the town centre there is plenty of restaurants, bars, clubs and coffee shops. The prices are similar to the european prices (coffee 3-5 euros, lunch 15-20 euros). If you like roof top bars, I would definitely recommend ‘A for Athens cocktail bar’ which has an amazing view overlooking Acropolis and Monastiraki square. We spent our second day in Athens on the beach – the sea was clean, warm and beautiful. In the south of Athens there is a city beach which is awesome if you want to freshen up, however it was full of locals so we decided to go to a private beach called ‘Bolivar Beach Bar’. The entrance is 8 euros, but sunbed and parasol are included in the price. This beach reminded me of party places because of the loud music, cocktails and very modern bars and restaurants. If you’re ever in Athens during the summer, I would definitely recommend escaping from the centre and going to the beach.


As we’re all aware of, the Aegean sea is filled with different islands. There is so many islands to choose from that it was really hard for us to decide which ones to visit. However, we decided to visit Paros. It’s a beautiful, peaceful island which is ideal for relaxing and enjoying the sun and good food.

We travelled from Athens to Paros with the ferry. Piraeus is the port city whose port was the most important place for merchants during the ancient times. You can see plethora of ferries there which travel all across Greece but also to different countries as well. I booked the tickets online on their site ( ) and the price was 35 euros per person. The trip lasted 4 hours and it was very comfortable and we got to see different islands from the ferry.

We were welcomed with charming white houses, windmills, gorgeous beaches, vineyards… The most beautiful place on the island is called Naoussa – everyone takes pictures there. You can see narrow white streets filled with local shops, luxury restaurants, bars. I experienced the most beautiful sunset there, and I felt like I was in a movie.

We were welcomed with charming white houses, windmills, gorgeous beaches, vineyards… The most beautiful place on the island is called Naoussa – everyone takes pictures there. You can see narrow white streets filled with local shops, luxury restaurants, bars. I experienced the most beautiful sunset there, and I felt like I was in a movie. The island has a pretty good bus connection so you can visit different places for only 2 euros. We stayed in the heart of Paros for 4 days and spent our days laying on the beach and exploring different interesting places at night. Food and drink prices were a bit lower compared to some other more famous islands in Greece.

If you’re looking for the perfect quite place for relaxation, Paros is definitely the island for you.




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After a good rest on Paros, we decided to finish our greek adventure on an island which is a pearl from the Aegean sea – Santorini. Santorini is the most famous greek island, so I can guarantee you that the prices follow accordingly. Even though 2020 brought us so many negative things, there were a couple of good ones as well. One of them was the fact that the hotel prices in Santorini were cheaper than ever. Most people think of Santorini as a place  of white-blue houses, luxury hotels, gorgeous restaurants with an incredible view of the sunset etc. For all of that to come true you need a lot of money, especially in the peak of the season (at least 500 euros per night). I knew I wanted to experience all of the above and I worked hard to get it. Because of the coronavirus pandemic the prices of the hotels went down rapidly and there wasn’t many tourists there. Therefore, we could afford to stay in beautiful suites in a place called Imerovigli. Imerovigli is one of the most breathtaking places on the whole island, including Oia and Fira.


West side of the island isn’t a perfect place for swimming in the sea because everything is built on cliffs. If you want to take advantage of the beautiful sea there, look for an accommodation on the east side of the island (the prices are usually lower there as well).

We used both bus and taxi for transport there, and the good thing about the bus is that the prices are identical to the ones on Paros. Taxi prices depend on the driver. My highlight of the trip was a place called Oia which is located on the north side of the island and it’s full of marvelous bars and restaurants overlooking the sea. Furthermore, Oia is the most famous place there for experiencing breathtaking sunsets. Another tip I would give to you is that if you want to have lunch or dinner in a specific restaurant, make sure to make a reservation because all the best seats next to the sea are usually taken.

Santorini is hands down one of the best places for taking photos. Understandably, my photo gallery has never been richer and so full of content.



We bought airplane tickets one day prior to our departure, Santorini – Vienna for 60 euros per person.

My greek journey was better that I could’ve ever imagined and the lack of tourists gave us the opportunity to visit some of the most attractive and most beautiful places there.

I would recommend this destination to everyone who wants to enjoy their summer somewhere where they’ve never been. The tickets to Greece are relatively cheap and many low cost companies fly regularly to greek islands. As previously mentioned, food and drink prices are not that different than Croatian ones.

Travel period: August 2020

Camera: Nikon Z6

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