Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore

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I vividly remember 2019/2020 New Year’s Eve. Damir and I had a gig all night, and at 10 am in the morning we left for Budapest.  From there we flew to Dubai and later to Bangkok.

Thailand has always been on my wish list, and now I finally had the chance to make my dreams come true. We had two weeks off work so we wanted to make the most of each day. We thought it would be good to visit some other countries that surround Thailand so we decided to visit Malaysia and Singapore as well.

This trip was one of the most interesting and meaningful trips I’ve ever been on: 15 days, 4 countries, 5 cities, 8 plane flights, and countless memories.


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We flew with Emirates airline from Budapest to Bangkok and made an 8 hour stop in Dubai, which was not difficult for me. The price of the return ticket was 650 euros per person. We arrived in Dubai in the evening and we took a taxi to the city where we caught the last show of the Dubai Fountain. You can imagine how impressed we were! My heart was pounding with joy and excitement. We managed to drink coffee and take a walk around the city and then we headed back to the airport where we waited for a flight to Bangkok (it lasted 6 hours and 30 minutes).

Croatian citizens need a visa to come to the Kingdom of Thailand, and you can apply for it in Zagreb at the Thai consulate You can find all the necessary information about prices and different types of visas there. Make sure to apply for a visa a week in advance. We were applying for a multi-entry tourist visa because we were returning from Singapore to Bangkok, from where we flew back to Budapest. The price of that visa was 60 euros per person.

When we arrived in Bangkok, I remember the tropical climate and humidity in the air, the crowds at the airport, and looking for an exchange office. This is the feeling of happiness you experience every time you come to a new country and realise you’re on the other side of the world! If you want to get a taxi to the city center, the price will be 20 euros.

However, keep in mind that the airport is quite far from the city, and the city itself has more than 10 million residents.



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We stayed in the capital of Thailand for three days. We definitely didn’t have enough time to see everything, however, you can experience a lot of interesting things if you organise your trip smartly. I was initially confused by this city because it is huge, and the city center (as in European cities) is almost non-existent. In that short period of time, we visited a lot of sights that should not be missed if you are here. Despite the chaotic traffic, polluted and humid air, the content that this city offers is rich and worth visiting.

I will list the most important destinations in Bangkok:

Navest ću najvažnija odredišta u Bangkoku:

  1. Grand Palace
  2. Wat Pho (Temple of the Reclining Buddha)
  3. Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn)
  4. Mae Klong Railway Market
  5. Chinatown
  6. Soi Cowboy (nightlife street)
  7. Siam Paragon (shopping paradise)
  8. Lebua Sky Bar on the 63rd floor (a famous place from the movie Hangover)
  9. Khao San Road


Moving around Bangkok can cause a headache, so I would recommend driving in taxis and combining this with their signature type of transport “tuk-tuk”, which offers a unique experience. There is food at every turn – you can find anything from street food to world-famous restaurants. Food markets are popular places in Thailand – for just a few kunas you can try different types of barbecue, Thai pad-thai, and fruit prepared in a hundred different ways. We spent four exciting and unforgettable days in Bangkok, and then it was time to relax on the beach.




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Objavu dijeli Martina Jakšić Rodiger? (@martina_j_r)

There are countless low-cost flights throughout Asia, and one of the largest airlines is Air Asia, which offers hundreds of flights at extremely low prices. The flight Bangkok – Krabi lasted about an hour, and the price of the ticket was 30 euros (including luggage).

I have always dreamed of Thai palm trees, beaches, sunsets… Interestingly enough, this place looks the same as in the photos on the Internet, if not nicer. Krabi is a popular tourist destination, visited by millions of tourists a year. The whole place is dedicated to tourism, so you can find plenty of good hotels, restaurants, and other fun stuff. Hotel prices in this area are a bit higher, but for 50 euros per night, you can find a good hotel for two people (breakfast included).

This place is packed with gorgeous beaches and a warm and clean sea. The most famous beaches are Ao Nang Beach and Railay Beach, which can only be reached by a wooden boat, which costs around 3 euros per person.




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Krabi is well connected to many Thai islands. I wanted to visit Phi Phi Island, which was hit by a devastating tsunami in 2004. The price of the ferry from Krabi to Phi Phi Island was about 20 euros, and the ride lasted a little less than two hours. The ride itself was an experience as we passed countless small islands, some of which are privately owned. Coming to this island was like coming to paradise.

If you find yourself there, you can take a ferry to islands, which are exceptionally beautiful. The coast definitely can’t be compared to these fairytale islands. In terms of food, transportation, and tourist offers, everything is similar as in Thailand.

The currency in Thailand is the Thai Baht (THB). 10 EUR = 373 THB.



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After five days of resting and exploring the Thai islands, we arrived in the capital of Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur. We flew with Air Asia again, the flight lasted about two hours, and the ticket price was around 30 euros. Compared to Thailand, Malaysia seemed like an extremely modern country, and the best thing was that it was even cheaper than Thailand. The city center has an urban and luxurious feel to it, while the rest of the city seems poor and dirty. We took a very modern KLIA express electric train to the city center for 15 euros per person. It turned out it was actually the most expensive option, but we weren’t familiar with the cheaper ones. However, when we were returning to the hotel, we took the bus for 0.50 cents.

The city is full of luxury hotels, and the most famous places there are the rooftop pools, which offer an incredible view of the “Petronas Twin Towers” which are a symbol of Malaysia. I can certainly say that well-known world hotel chains are the cheapest type of accommodation in this country. A night for two with an amazing pool on the 45th floor for 30 euros doesn’t sound bad at all. Do you agree?

We didn’t explore this city too much, but we spent the majority of our time at the pool and walking around the city center. When it comes to shopping, you can find so many modern, huge shopping malls.  The most famous one is a part of the Twins, Suria KLCC.

We also visited the poor part of the city, which is similar to Bangkok in many ways. You can eat for 1 or 2 euros there.

Getting around the city is easy, and the ticket price is 0.20 cents, wherever you go.

The Malaysian currency is the Malaysian ringit (100 EUR = 500 MYR).




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Last but not least- magnificent Singapore! Along with Monaco and Vatican, this is the third country without a capital city. I have been dreaming about visiting this small country for a long time. We flew from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok, from where we flew to Singapore. The flight lasted about three hours.

Singapore is unreal. Tidy, clean, rich, extraordinary… Singapore Airport is one of the cleanest and most beautiful airports in the world. We took the subway to the city center for 2 euros, and the ride lasted 30 minutes. The currency is the Singapore dollar, and for 100 euros you get about 160 SGD. The city center looked like a fairy tale. Everything was so perfect that it looked a bit unreal. Additionally, just a few hours is enough to see everything in the city center.

What to visit?

  1. Marina Bay Sand
  2. Gardens by the Bay
  3. National Orchid Garden


These places are located on the promenade in the very center of the city, which has been turned into a real green oasis of this modern city. You have to set aside almost an entire day for this. There many attractions along the way that we were happy to stop at. For example, right at the bottom of the world-famous hotel “Marina Bay Sand” there is a luxury shopping center, which reminds me of the one in Venice.

Food, drinks and attraction prices are relatively high – 5 euros for coffee, 25 euros for lunch, for “local food” on the market you need to set aside a few euros more.

While walking and wandering around the city, we stopped at a restaurant with a beautiful view. To our surprise, the owner of that restaurant was a man originally from Croatia. This just shows how small the world really is!

I would definitely go on this trip again, but I would want to see and experience more things.  In that case, the trip should last longer. All in all, all of the places were magical and have a special place in my heart. I hope to be back there soon.


Important information for Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore:

  • Thailand: TBH (Thai Baht)
  • Malaysia: MYR (Malaysian Ringgit)
  • Singapore: SGD (Singapore Dollar)
  • VISA: required for Thailand
  • SINGAPORE and MALAYSIA do not require a visa for Croatian citizens
  • English is spoken by everyone
  • Credit cards are fine everywhere in Malaysia and Singapore, while in Thailand it is desirable to have cash

TRAVEL COSTS (two people)

Flight: 1300 euros

Flight within countries: 200 euros

Visa (for Thailand): 120 euros

Accommodation: approx. 800 euros

Travel insurance: Wiener per year (150 euros)

Food, transport, excursions: approx. 600 euros

Travel period: January 2019.

All other costs are individual. These are the prices of the most important things when organising a trip. Whether it is convenient or not, judge for yourself. The memories and experiences gained on this trip are priceless.

If you have any extra inquiries, you can contact me and I will gladly answer your questions. I hope this travelogue helps you plan your next travel.

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Thank you for reading.